Kickstarter Version?

  • The Kickstarter edition of the book will be hand numbered by us and marked with a gold seal! This is a special thanks to all of our Kickstarter supports who believed in this project from the beginning and helped bring it to life
  • All other orders will be shipped by our distributor. We wish we could personally touch and personalize each of your books, but due to our lifestyle we are not able to.

Can you sign my book?

  • Orders received after November 1, 2016 are being shipped from our distributor’s warehouse. At this time, we are sad to say we cannot sign books on new orders. Because we live full-time on the road, and do not have a way to carry the books, they are safely stored at our distributor’s warehouse and are shipped from there. If this changes, we will certainly let you know.

Do you ship from your bus?

  • Living on the road, it is impossible to stock inventory and mail out books as we go. We are working with the best distributor we know to make sure your books are shipped out in a timely fashion and that they arrive safely!

 Where do you shower?

  • Honestly, we don’t often. A creek or spring will do. When things get desperate, truck stops work.

Who are Kit and J.R.?

  • Aha! A good question. We are undergoing a name change, and sure hope you understand! With the release of this book, we wanted to go by names that were more fitting for the kind of work we’d like to continue producing. Yes, we are still James + Rachel, but are now going by Kit + J.R. We’ll answer to either one 😉