Can you sign my Copy?

  • Yes! This fall, we are so excited to be signing and annotating books from inside Sunshine. We are able to carry a couple dozen books in the trunk, and will be signing and annotating as we travel. Personalized books will be mailed out on a weekly basis, from the nearest post office in the nearest town. We are charging more for signed and annotated books, because we really take the time to make it something special, and because of the cost of shipping to us from the distributor. Thank you for letting us personalize your books. We love you guys. <3

Do you ship from your bus?

  • As of October 2017, we are shipping stickers, as well as signed and annotated copies of the book from the road. Book orders that aren’t personalized are sent out by our distributor in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We wish we could touch each of your books and mail them out by hand, but we haven’t yet figured out a way to carry hundreds of books with us as we travel. However, rest assured that we are working with the best distributor we know to make sure your books are shipped out in a timely fashion and that they arrive safely!

What is the Annotated Version? 

  • Kit will spend a few hours personalizing your book, armed with her trusty art pens, drawing one-of-a-kind cartoons, leaving footnotes, and writing backstories throughout your copy. This is something we had a blast doing last year, when 75 of you ordered an Annotated Copy of the book. If you’d like a particular note or have an idea to contribute about the personalization, please write and let us know.

What was the Kickstarter Version?

  • The Kickstarter edition of the book was sent out in December 2016-January 2017. It was reserved for the first 800 orders, hand numbered by us and marked with a gold seal! This was a special thanks to all of our Kickstarter supports who believed in this project from the beginning and helped bring it to life before the book even existed. Thank you, everyone. <3

Where do you shower?

  • Honestly, we don’t often. A creek or spring will do. When things get desperate, truck stops work.