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by Brooke on Orange Is Optimism
Social Handle (Optional): @bohemianbrooke / @thedailygroove_

Kit & J.R. have been inspiring me on the gram for years, and now I get to hold and gaze and study a physical works of theirs in my own two hands. We are not running away, we are running towards. Thank you for the work and play and life you engage in and share. Wander and wonder on!

Dreamy Expressions
Social Handle (Optional): Rt 66 Mermaid

This book is a creative concoction produced by imaginative young minds. A unique expression of a certain rebelliousness toward avoiding following society's so called perceived rules. In some ways it is bold to leave building careers behind to live "in the wild" however, adventures of this nature are best explored and experienced by healthy, strong young people. Enjoying nature and choosing to live our lives the way we see fit without being brainwashed toward a certain way of living before getting too old is a wondrous pastime and this is a fun way to bring it all to light. A beautiful, tactile book to read and feel blends well in this creative combination. It will be fun to see what projects come next from these two! I hope they sell tons of books to help fund their travels. I enjoyed it immensely and glad I made the purchase. I appreciate the subtext of education and literary savvy...makes it beautifully presented and worthy. A refreshing change to most of the badly written crap that is self published in the sea of ordinary that permeates our current landscape.

by Richard Alexander on Orange Is Optimism
Social Handle (Optional): The Pirate

A wonderful wistfully written read that will have you either contemplating to go buy yourself a VW Bus (or van of some description), or get in the one you have and seek some place new tomorrow. If you suffer from wanderlust, if you own an orange VW Bus, or any van/RV, if you want to get inspired to sleep beneath the stars, stand beside the camp fire and bathe in natural pools this is as as good a start as you'll find. Great photographs in which you almost smell the pines. A fine and dandy book. Arrrh!

Karma Bus
Social Handle (Optional): Optional

Without question, an all American odyssey. Written with Integrity, beautifully illustrated, and rich with moving photography. Not quite Kirouac but contains the fiber of that original medium.

by Jennifer Wolf on Orange Is Optimism
Love it!!
Social Handle (Optional): Jenfr71

I havent had a chance to read the entire book yet as the intent is for us to take it on our own adventures in our Sprinter and read along the way. I have flipped through and read bits and pieces and just love it. Y'all are so talented , beautiful and inspiring and I cannot wait to read every last bit!! Thank you for writing this and including everyone on your journey. Cheers!!