Out In The World

It has been a blast to receive all of your emails, letters, and photos about Orange is Optimism. We are honestly a bit overwhelmed by the thought that there are thousands of copies sitting in campers, homes, being read by optimists both young and old. If you want to experience a world of color and … [Read more…]

In Person Book Signing

Every January in western Arizona, hundreds of VW buses gather on the shores of Lake Havasu for a weekend of groovy, colorful fun. 500, to be exact. This is a VW-only event, a campout for bus and vanagon owners, a place to swap used parts and roadtrippin’ tales. J.R. and I attended the bus campout … [Read more…]

Annotation Schedule

Our Dearest Fellow Optimists, Happy Holidays We hope that you all are in the midst of a warm and wonderful holiday season, that the fresh energy of the New Year is restoring your soul. All of you have received the non-book sections of your Kickstarter rewards; stickers and a letter. We hope that made up … [Read more…]


Dear Orange is Optimism Crew, Guess what I’m holding in my hands?? OUR PROOF! This is the finalized page proof of Orange is Optimism, sent to us (by the printer) to review before everything actually goes to press. It was no easy task, overnighting such a thing to a random address in Billings, Montana! Don’t … [Read more…]

Address Surveys

Hi Everyone, We just sent out your Kickstarter surveys. Hope you received yours in your email inbox! Do not archive the last email you received. It is very important. We Need Your Info The Survey will ask you for your shipping information, so that we can safely ship out your books and stickers when we … [Read more…]