Annotation Schedule

Our Dearest Fellow Optimists, Happy Holidays We hope that you all are in the midst of a warm and wonderful holiday season, that the fresh energy of the New Year is restoring your soul. All of you have received the non-book sections of your Kickstarter rewards; stickers and a letter. We hope that made up … [Read more…]


Dear Orange is Optimism Crew, Guess what I’m holding in my hands?? OUR PROOF! This is the finalized page proof of Orange is Optimism, sent to us (by the printer) to review before everything actually goes to press. It was no easy task, overnighting such a thing to a random address in Billings, Montana! Don’t … [Read more…]

Address Surveys

Hi Everyone, We just sent out your Kickstarter surveys. Hope you received yours in your email inbox! Do not archive the last email you received. It is very important. We Need Your Info The Survey will ask you for your shipping information, so that we can safely ship out your books and stickers when we … [Read more…]


Happy November, everybody. The air’s light and brisk and we’re soaring. Guess what? We have a timeline to share with you—dates for the release of Orange is Optimism. Our text was reviewed by a professional editor late last week. Now, we’re placing the words into the manuscript and polishing all of the last-minute touch ups … [Read more…]

Another Pair of Eyes

Hello again Everybody, We sent the manuscript to our proofreader this morning! Across the next 10 days she’ll be scrutinizing and polishing any rough edges. We are thrilled to have a fresh pair of eyes on the book even if they are only looking for our flaws. It’s okay we have tough skin. While we … [Read more…]

August In Review

Hello Everyone, Hope this note finds you all well, wrapped up in the beautiful end of August. We wanted to check in again about the progress Orange is Optimism. Orange is Optimism will be Released this Fall We are still rocking steady for a Fall release! We can’t wait to share this with you guys. … [Read more…]

Workin’ Steady

Hello, all! We wanted to check in with you all once again, to let you know where we’re at with Orange is Optimism. Every day as we work on the book, we think of you guys and are so filled with love that we send good energy your way. Thank you for all of your … [Read more…]